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Hi. I am back and i have a new query. =) I am a fresh Graduate from the Philippines. I am visiting qatar this month. I have tickets! I am sponsored by my Arab stepfather. I just want to know if there are lots of job oppurtunities for me there(qatar). I am a nursing graduate but i also consider to get involve in works that are not really related to my course. Thanks for those who will reply.


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Wow that is so great!

Then, i will be lying on the floor weeping! Tsk tsk..

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Usually, all the nurses in

Usually, all the nurses in abroad working for a long time has at least experience working in their country. I haven't seen a fresh graduate working right away abroad unless he/she can afford going abroad. now it will all depend on the employer abroad is he/she will be accepted working with them. goodluck with your job hunt :D

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Your chances will be working

Your chances will be working in a private clinics. Just make sure you are a Board passer coz they required license for Nurses to work in Qatar.

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How about other jobs? like in hotels

Yes thanx.. Well, if im not really sure i could get a job then i could cancel the tickets.. But Qatar is great.. I am not into traveling for vacation. lol.

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are you a board passer now?

are you a board passer now?

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Good positions for

fresh graduates normally go to Qataris. You may be able to get a job in a private company that pays really badly and the locals do not want. In that case I hope Arab step father lets you stay with him

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Not yet still waiting for the results maybe this month..

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