Al-Gharrafa area, whats it like?

Hi, I am moving to Qatar in the next couple of weeks and we will be living in Al-Gharrafa. What's this area like? I also have a 6 year old boy so any schools near this area? Thanks in anticipation


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re:Moving to Al Gharrafa

Welcome to Qatar Gharrafa is a nice quite area and is ideal for families. There is a good shopping centre named Lulu in the area. They are a few schools like Qatar Canadian school and Compass International School but trust me it is hard to get into. Most schools have a waiting list. This by far will be your biggest challenge. Keep me posted and I will try to help you out. Good luck!!

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Al Gharafa is fine - for the

Al Gharafa is fine - for the most part no section of Doha is that much better or worse than any other. Unlike some other cities in the world, the expats are not concentrated in particular areas - so anywhere you land will be fine. As for schools, Compass is right there in Al Gharafa and is the school that my 5yo son attends. Sherbourne isn't too bad of a run from Al Gharafa (I don't think it is, anyway). Like ominstructor said, getting into a school is going to be your biggest challenge. Good luck!

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Thanks for the info thats very useful. I know finding a school for my son will be very challenging. compass is a very expensive school!!! Any ideas about the Gulf English School, there website is not updated since last year and tried to email them but the email bounced back. also tried to phone from the UK and was on hold for a long time and had to give up at the end. Thanks

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I have a friend whose kids

I have a friend whose kids are at the Gulf English School. I'm sure she'd be willing to give you her feedback - PM me or send me an email (I think I sent it to you) if you want to touch base with her.

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that would be great, whats your email?

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