How to start a new business in Doha?

Hi All, does anyone have information about what is required to start up a new business in Doha? How to get a local sponsor? What is required? etc? Which should be the first step of the process? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks


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Labor supply/Construction

Could you please provide advise to buy/get partnership on a labor supply/construction company in Qatar.

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I can get people with gulf

I can get people with gulf experience from India. You can contact me on 55330263 or send details to: Thanks PRO007

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Steps to start a new small business

Please advise me on the steps to start a new samll business in Doha, Qatar; such as: 1- where to apply for the new company 2- Fees and dues 3- Where is the Camber of Commerce 4- Comapny listings according to categories 5- Requirements to start ....

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labour supply sponsor fees

Dear all. I would like to know,what the sponsor charge their fees for labour supply business for single month. thanks MRMA

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crqatar didn't catch that

crqatar didn't catch that could you repeat it

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