Where can i find dress fabric shops in Doha?

Good morning, Can anyone help me to find a good place to buy dress farics here in doha? I've been looking and the only place i found was in souq waqif but i am wondering if is there any other place? Please if anyone can help me it would be great. Thanks


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The Bouquet store on Al-Sadd by Al-Mufatah as well and the stores on the road North behind Al-Sadd, the most expensive stores are Souk Al-Diera but you can still try to bargain.

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Souk al-diera is the best

Souk al-diera is the best option so many shops to choose from

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Try Souq al deera - they

Try Souq al deera - they have plenty of shops with all sorts of fabrics... it's behind the standard chartered bank near corniche

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souq al aseeri, al deera if

souq al aseeri, al deera if we don,t stand for something, we may fall for anything

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TRY souq asiri

TRY souq asiri market..............

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