weird and wonderful hobbies in qatar?

what weird and wonderful hobbies/jobs are there in doha?? do you have one? does your friend??


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i discovered today a new -

i discovered today a new - and very weird for me -activity: I COOKED! probably it will become my "weird hobby"... ********************* You become responsible forever for what you have tamed. Antoine de Saint-Exupry

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I drive around round-about ,

I drive around roundabout , sometimes parking close to an exit and then trying to join the flow again.. great way of passing a few hours.

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On Da Roads...

We all do have luv it or leave it... i.e, driving daily from home to office and office to bak home.. and so on, the most annoyin... n weird all time sp in doha.

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Weird and Wonderful Hobbies/Jobs?

The weird hobby of fighting daily routine work and boredom. Doha Specialty. Salam

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milking the

milking the camels.. ----------------- HE WHO DARES WINS

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