Bringing Prescription Medicine To Qatar

Dear friends, Please tell me if I will face a problem if I am carrying my own personal prescription medicines with me to Qatar. I have the prescription of my Indian Doctor. I would have to carry about 365 of those capsules for 1 year of stay in Doha. I think they open and check all the bags at airport. What about sending them by courier to Qatar with prescription? Is it allowed? Thank you, Junaid


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They are not opening each and

They are not opening each and evey bag at the Airport. They will open only those bags which is suspicious of having something illegal. You can bring your medicines with the proof of purchase and the prescription from your doctor. There are many patients bringing their medicine for diabetes and blood pressure in hundreds.

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As far as our experience

As far as our experience goes, there is no problem as long as you have your prescription. We have been here 4 1/2 yrs and have never been stopped and questioned at the airport. You can send it by courier with the prescription but it goes to "Customs" for clearance. I don't see any problem with you carrying these meds. Best regards Dez

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If you send it by courier,

If you send it by courier, they may open and check and then put a 'customs checked' seal / tape on the package, since it's medicines. If you bring it with you, they may check, depends on the type of medication, but if u have a prescription with you, it shouldn't be a problem. Like others have stated here, many bring painkillers, diabetes, n hypertension drugs with them here.

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If u bring it along with you, there wont be any problem, keep prescription and bill with you. But if u send it by courier then after customs checking it will go to HMC (White fort building) , then you have to go there with prescription and receipt and need to convince the Doctor in charge to collect the medicines. ( Last yr i collected some indian ayurvedic medicines same way which was couriered)

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They don't open all bags at

They don't open all bags at airport. Only if they find something suspicious they will open it. Medicines with doctor's prescription is not a problem. and as sanooj said if u send it by courier the medicines will be sent to HMC and then returned back after verification.

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do not put it on your hand carry bag.. (bring some with you in case you need to drink while on the aircraft) but the rest leave it on your check in luggage..

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Thank you all very much for

Thank you all very much for the advice...

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