Cost of renting ATV's

Does anyone know the basic cost of renting a large ATV by the sand dunes in Mesaieed? Also anyone know where you can rent one for a day with a trailer, and the cost of a 450 or larger ATV? Thanks


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i want to rent a quad for the a day on thursday, i was wondering if there are any quad rental shops, i live near ramada and i wana take the quad there, how much is the cost for a day if i want to rent a 250cc quad for a day, and what is the procedure for it, do i have to give ID Card or what??? ohh and i also have qatari riyal notes with AMAZING numbers, if anyones interested, txt me at 6592950 or email at thank you.

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Renting them there, a 350cc

Renting them there, a 350cc or 400cc will cost u 200QR for an hour, quite a rip-off. You can rent them from a few places, there is a petrol station on the road to mesaieed, after wakra, that has two shops you can rent them from, i paid 550 for the day with a trailer.

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Rental of Rhino 4 seater

Does anyone know the price for renting the Rhino 4 seater?

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I stopped by the Banshee

I stopped by the Banshee place and the competition right next to it today. Cost for a 400 is 500qr for all day with a trailer. The guy at Banshee didnt speak english, but the other did, kinda. Does anyone know the cost at Sealine beach resort for the atvs? I have seen them rent the Rhinos or similar across from QChem plant on the way to sealine. Dont know the price though. I plan on asking them tomorrow afternoon the price for all day.

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Stopped by today at two

Stopped by today at two places by the dunes. One was Doha bike and the price was 200qr for an hour and would not give me a price for half a day. The other place was just before the sign to turn to the beach. He was 200qr an hour, and for 2 quads for two hours was 750qr. One was a banshee, the other a suzuki 400. Hope this helps. I plan on renting one this weekend. I miss riding. I am still hunting for someone who can install a hitch on my SUV, if anyone has a name or place please let me know.

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Go to any of the car

Go to any of the car accessory shops around town. 99% of them have a good selection, and will be able to fit it for you, just need to get the right one for your trailer. Not to sure how much they cost though...

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