Qatar International School

Can anyone tell me what's happening at QIS? Have heard rumours that the old owners of the school have been asked to leave Doha. Who is running it now? Will there be problems for the students now?


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Although there will be a new

Although there will be a new principal everything at the school is staying the same in fact there are very nice improvements happening it is as if the school is having a facelift. There is really nothing to worry about

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There aren't going to be any changes

The Principal and Vice Principal are leaving but no one else. The principal had little involvement in the day to day running of the school anyway. There shouldn't be any changes to the school.

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Qatar International School is

Qatar International School is very good. It's been around for a very long time. Exam results are good and the children are well behaved and happy. The only problem- that you might have trouble getting your children into the school as it has long waiting lists.

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Dear QIS Parents, I have my daughter (5 year old) who is attending ASD now for 2nd year (in KG grade). ASD is a good school, esp. in its management, administration, facilities etc. However I am concerned about the extreme liberal environment of the school and wonder if QIS is a better choice? How is academics of QIS and what about the issue that is of my concern. Thanks for your feedback, Regards,

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i go to QIS too! yeah i

i go to QIS too! yeah i heard about this a few months ago, nothing has changed so im guessing its just a rumour.

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