to re-gift or not?

do you find it tacky or practical to recycle unused,unopened gifts and give them to other people?i would really love to know your opinions about this matter. thanks.


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I am a proud regifter!!

You just have to be savvy enough to not regift the thing to the person who gave it to you initially. Sounds easy enough, but when you've been stashing things in your closet for 12 months, you kind of forget where and who they came from! My theory is that it's better those gifts go to someone else who might actually use and appreciate them than to sit unused in my spare bedroom for months on end. And my friends and I usually have a Chinese gift exchange around the holidays, and that's an absolutely perfect opportunity for everyone to get rid of those types of items. And some folks walk away really loving the new item they picked up! "Most plain girls are virtuous because of the scarcity of opportunity to be otherwise." -- Maya Angelou

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tacky. If you give it to

tacky. If you give it to somebody who knows the person who gave it to you.

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It's practical, but i do not

It's practical, but i do not do that. I always keep in mind the thought that the giver had on giving the gift to me, and that alone makes the gift a treasure to me. Mind your own business, then you will see the joy coming into your life.

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im quite i

im quite i wouldnt give them away. i think its okay if you give them to people who matter to you and who really likes the object ure giving away as oppose to just giving them to just whoever or worse selling them out. ^^

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well its ok to regift

but imagine u re-gift something to the same person who gifted it u . lol

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lol. quite an interesting

lol. quite an interesting thought..yeah coz he must like it coz he gave it to you.

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some may find it practical,

some may find it practical, but i put value on gifts that others give to me so i cant do that.. :)
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/-a-t-/stonecold yeah if its

@stonecold yeah if its a bomb, well no you will not be in'll just be dead!

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If the package is still presentable...

I re-gift specially those I already have. (like the 5 coffee makers we received as wedding gifts.... LOL!) If the package is broken, I just give it away to anyone who wants/needs it. As they say in recycling: "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

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