where to buy a kayak

any suggestions where one can buyy a sea kayak -- a real one, not the sit-on-top kiddy versions -- in doha?


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try both

go-sports in Villagio and Sun and Sand sports in City center. Ask the staff if you don't see what you want. Often times you have to order those kinds of items and wait for them to arrive. My friends got theirs in CC

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Folding kayak

I was at go-sports yesterday and they have a decent folding kayak made by folbot. http://www.folbot.com/kayaks/citibot/ If you get a kayak and want to go paddling sometime let me know.

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what about renting/hiring?

Is there anywhere you can hire a kayak in Doha? Not quite ready to fork out thousands of riyal for the one in CC. :) Where do you go kayaking joeinqatar?

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We sell kayaks in Dohaplease

We sell kayaks in Doha please check our ad here: http://www.qatarliving.com/node/3340891 or http://copiertalk.com/uploader/files/6/kayak-en-s2.jpg

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Saw them at the sports shop

Saw them at the sports shop in Villagio...

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Real ones, or the kiddy

Real ones, or the kiddy version, brit?

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Real ones.. By the way,

Real ones.. By the way, what's the difference between a kayaker and a catfish? A: One has whiskers and smells bad, and the other one's a fish.

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