from hairdresser to secretary

is anyone here knows if it is possible to change my visa and company from being hairdresser to secretary? i am planning to buy my NOC from my present company and planning to move to a new and more decent job which is secretary but i heard that it is not possible to change my profession, is it true? please help me


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You can BUY an NOC?

You can BUY an NOC?

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The position stated in your visa is based on the availability

of visa allowance given to your current sponsor/employer by the Ministry. You are planning to buy your contract from your sponsor so they could give you the NOC AND LOOK FOR a secretarial job? Your job must be paying so well...

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buying any documents is

buying any documents is illegal. If your current sponsor is willing to provide a NOC, you can cancel your RP, exit Qatar, and come back on the new work visa with the new job title, provided by the new sponsor.

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Certainly yes

When we have housewives through the influence of their husbands or others working as customer service representatives, sales representatives, etc in banks, companies,Malls and others then I dont see why you cannot change your profession provided your sponsor gives you a NOC (and thats what we call the magic document)

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yes dear you can change your Job title.

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