Shipping of Car/Vehicle to Qatar

I am buying a second hand car from Cyprus and they are shipping it here with the police clearance from Cyprus. I just would like to know whether i need something from customs, MOI or any government facility here before i can register it to my name. Thanks


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Better check with the traffic

Better check with the traffic police( Better meet the captain). You may get the car into Qatar but it might not registered for road usage in Qatar. Don't quote me on this.

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Call Custom

Better than calling Police, please call the Qatari Customs, I have experience in that already. If the car is older than XX number of years, they will not allow it.

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Thanks for the reply. It is

Thanks for the reply. It is 2010 model, so I presume it's only 3 years or below.

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Importing Cars

Hi, pay attention to importing, these are most likely scams, usual blather about moving, money wrong side of the road..............if its too good to be true, generally it isnt, best of luck D

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Thanks syed and Daniel.

Thanks syed and Daniel. Exactly same wordings /she used in her post.

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It's a scam

Avoid this, there are at least two ads in QL for cars like this, for the fun of it I kept emailing the guy who uses a Western Expat name, when he said the car is not registered in Cyprus I.e. has no title I knew it was a scam. Also their insistence on using the shipping company was another tell, I've brought cars from the US before and the process is straight forward, but unless you have the title then good luck. Be careful people...

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